Creating Informed Clients
Rather than being a vendor whom you only hear from when we want money for your policy renewal we constantly are looking out for your business. As your business grows we ensure you have all the coverage you need and why you need it. We never sell you something you don’t need just so we can make more. You will know what each policy does and how it protects you.

Platinum Rule
You’ve heard of the golden rule, well, we go above that and function on the Platinum Rule. Treat clients how they want to be treated. There are certain expectations you have when dealing with Insurance & Risk Management companies. Peltier Insurance makes sure we not only meet those expectations, but also exceed them. This isn’t a passive company filled with pencil pushers, but active and voracious agents that are constantly looking to provide the right amount of security you need.

Providing Bear-Like Protection For Our Clients
Who messes with a bear? Insurance carriers know us and know we’ve done our homework. They give our clients zero hassle when claims are made. Our competitors fear us because we can readily identify what they miss; the areas of coverage that leaves their clients exposed. Additionally, our strength is in our capability to give our clients the fortification they need without spending more than what’s necessary. Our clients trust us implicitly because our experience provides them with security and protection. Simply put, Peltier Insurance is apex in the industry!

Mission Statement

We are a professional marketing and service organization dedicated to providing excellence in risk and insurance management.
• We work as a team.
• We strive to lead.
• We expect the best.
• We earn loyalty and respect.
• We confront problems and provide solutions.
• We work hard to build trust.
• We perform beyond the standards.
• We provide entrepreneurial work environment that allows our employees to develop their talents to the highest level of excellence.
• We are passionate about our client and care about their business. Throughout the years, Amity has been

an innovator in the insurance industry. With our unique systems and staff,we have earned the respect of the corporatem and insurance community as an insurance and risk management leader.

Industries Served

The insurance industry is a knowledge business and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of risk management.
As our clients needs have become increasingly specialized, so has our staff of professionals. We ensure our ability to deliver exceptional client service by training our staff through education and professional development, recruitment and focusing on specific niche business. Below is a list of some of the major industries that we serve successfully.

• Construction
• Education/Scholastic
• Health Care
• High Tech & Biotech
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Public Entity
• Real Estate
• Transportation
• Wholesale/Distributors

Management Services

We deliver a full range of insurance and risk management products and services in both the traditional and alternative marketplace. Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to evaluate your exposures, determine your risk tolerance and design an insurance program that meets your specific risk management needs. Our insurance professionals will work to help you clearly understand, evaluate and make informed decisions on all aspects of your insurance program. Protecting the assets and earning powers of our clients as well as maintaining superior customer service is our number one goal and the key to client satisfaction.

Risk Control

We work together with our clients and the insurance carriers to provide the most cost effective means for managing risk while obtaining the desired results;fewer accidents, greater productivity, safer work environment and lower costs. We review all possible options to lower the exposure while at the same time determining the best technique to financially transfer the risk.


At M.S. Peltier, we offer more than just insurance. We can provide consulting services in place of, or in addition to, insurance placement services. Although our consulting expertise is already an added value to all our clients,we too can work as an independent consultant or in conjunction with your current broker or agent to review, evaluate and monitor your current insurance program.