M.S. Peltier Insurance Services, LLC provides insurance and Risk Management Services to companies in the construction, real estate and transportation industries. These industries are confronted with many risks while performing their daily duties. Our goal is to identify and analyze all of the risks and exposures your company faces in order to protect your bottom line. We make sure that as you do your job you’re protected.

Rather than facing crippling lawsuits, delayed compensation or other dangers that can slow the growth and functionality of your business Peltier Insurance makes sure you’re covered. We identify what our competitors miss, the hazards that leave you liable. Let’s face it, liability costs more money than we want to, or should have to spend for that matter, when we thought we were safe. We leave no stone unturned. With Peltier you have a bear on your side; one you can trust who has the strength and experience to provide your business with security and protection.


Creating Informed Clients
Rather than being a vendor whom you only hear from when we want money for your policy renewal we constantly are looking out for your business. As your business grows we ensure you have all the coverage you need and why you need it. We never sell you something you don’t need just so we can make more. You will know what each policy does and how it protects you...


M.S. Peltier Insurance Services, LLC 

3 Allied Drive Suite 303

Dedham, MA 02026

Tel: 617-435-0415

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